Art with Music Therapy

Within Key Stage 3, Art and Music Therapy are delivered to specific classes simultaneously. Immersive soundscapes provide a platform for concentration and composure, enveloping the pupils into the themes of study each week.

Pupils learn to understand the connections between music and visual arts. They are inspired by the music-scape physically and express this through their actions within their artwork.
The approach encourages understanding of multi sensory learning and develops the pupils ability to focus, concentrate and express themselves creatively in a more independent way.

Interaction between two specialists has resulted in a more creative approach from both practitioners, modelling working relationships with the pupils, and connecting different elements of their curriculum in a meaningful way.

The classrooms physical set up enables the music therapist, art practitioner and pupils to move freely around the space and connect with individuals, physical resources, instruments and art materials. Story sharing provides a wonderful close to each session wherein the pupils explore the environment imaginatively and bring life to their creations through spoken word and live, personalised musical accompaniment.
A dynamic and exciting use of easels, reduced table work, and physical movement whilst manipulating and exploring materials results in truly beautiful art works.

Pupils delight in the opportunity to explore their own sense of self through colour, form and sound.

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