Creative Enterprise

This project focuses on those pupils who are toward the end of their education with the aim to establish tangible skills advantageous in the adult working world and provide a viable option for launching their own livelihood. Two successful craft and fine art professionals, running their own enterprises, are being brought in to provide an intensive series of workshops to pass on their specific skills and experience to pupils.
Term 2 sees our year 11 pupils working with Kim Thompson, a highly successful local jewellery designer, who is providing grounding in key aspects of jewellery production using polymer and silver clay. Term 3 will be learning to create desirable wire based sculpture and decorative products with expert Mel Day.  Pupils will gain an understanding of the design process, product development and commercial standards of presentation. There will be opportunities to test their produce and hone their marketing skills in the ‘real world’ with participation in Christmas markets and future craft events.

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