Scent Project

As part of this project, pupils will investigate how scent can be captured and recreated to help with the recounting or construction of stories. Pupils will be engaged in the use of scent to represent emotion and mood in their stories along with literal representations.  Pupils will be encouraged to develop their own interpretation of which scents should be used to bring their stories to life.  Following in the footsteps of famous Scent artist Sissel Tolas students will explore the notion of a geography of scent within their locality and around Bath.  PHD student and interactive performance artist Keir Williams will explore work with students to bring their stories to life in the sensory theatre, whilst London based scent artist Lizzie Ostrom will lead pupils through a magical journey of scent exploration.  Three Ways’ own interactive content designer Luke Woodbury will lead the technical elements of scent distribution in what is considered to be genuine cutting edge research. 

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