‘Sensortive’ Learning Approaches

Everybody possesses a creative energy and a huge part of the work that all teachers carry out is to recognise and facilitate its growth.  At Three Ways, we are always looking for emergent technology that empowers and inspires our pupils and brings their creative energy into form.  We have been involved with Professor Lizbeth Goodman and Professor Mick Donegan and the Smart Lab team from UEL to explore the teaching learning and creative potential of eye gaze technology.  This technology has provided pupils with profound and multiple learning difficulties with a means to communicate and interact with the world around them.  Here we investigated the potential of using eye gaze and sensor-based technology to produce robotic responses to play instruments enabled these pupils to interact in a ‘physical’ way with peers and their environment.  Musician and technological guru Dave Meckin built a robotic glockenspiel for our students to use either via a touch sensitive screen or sensor activated pads.   This project provided all sorts of learners with the potential to animate their learning, inspired interaction and encouraged speaking and listening opportunities.

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