Pupil Premium, Awards & Grants

Pupil Premium

2015 - 2016

Information and summary of progress made by pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium 2015/16

Funding £96,195.00

Free School Meals (FSM) 81 Pupils 

- 81 pupils (100%) made above or expected progress

- 0 pupils (0%) made below expected progress 


Looked After Children (LAC) 5 Pupils 

- 5 pupils (100%) made above or expected progress

- 0 pupil (0%) made below expected progress 

Pupil Premium funding continues to support and enhance the learning opportunities of this group of pupils.  Good progress is being maintained.  

The funding was used to support the pupil’s progress in the following ways: 

- Additional staff to support and provide more individualised and personal programmes 
- Increased 1:1 support 
- Multi-Professional support
- Additional training for staff
- Purchase of resources and equipment 
- Additional therapy time - speech therapy, music therapy, drama therapy and occupational therapy
- Additional School Nurse time
- Family Support Worker 
- Funding for out of school activities 
- Equipment and resources for individual pupils 


2016 - 2017

Pupils on roll = 207
Pupils eligable for Pupil Premuim = 86
LAC pupils = 7 

Total Pupil Premium for 2016-17 received = £99,605.00


Sports Grant 2015/16


Funding was used to contribute towards the following:
- Sport Coach
- PE Teacher
- Sports Equipment
- Transport for Swimming
- Swimming Pool hire costs
- Horse riding

Sports Grant Impact

Greater numbers of pupils participating in lessons with a diverse curriculum to incorporate all needs.
High quality lessons being delivered by specialist community coaches
Break time clubs offered with outside professionals eg Fencing and Cricket
Links with other mainstream primary and secondary schools
Links with other special schools
Links to local community clubs
Links to Bath Rugby 
Support and inspiration from locally based Paralympian athletes
Opportunities to participate in Boccia Matches in Secondary and 6th Form, however all year groups are taught by Boccia Coach during planned PE lessons
Fun Fit Club ran in conjunction with Sirona and Bath Rugby to look at nutrition and healthy living for targeted families

Planned activities/events
Sports day
Parent Well being day
Form greater links with Boccia schools


Year 7 Catch - Up premium expenditure:

The Government has made a commitment to provide additional funding to schools for each Year 7 pupil at Three Ways in reading and/or mathematics. The purpose of this funding is to enable the school to deliver additional support, such as intensive support in small groups for those pupils who most need it.

Overview of the school:

Number of pupils and catch-up premium

Total number of pupils on roll - 193

Total number of pupils eligible for catch-up premium -15

Total amount of catch-up premium funding received - £7500


Nature of support in 2015/16

- Reading Eggs
- Education City renewal
- Toe by Toe Reading Manuals additional materials
- Makaton Resources
- Bug Club renewal and staff training
- Bamboosled literacy and arts project with the Egg Theatre
- Numicon
- Sandwell
- Super Hands programme

Impact of catch-up premium spending

- Evaluation process of Year 7 data will be on-going, however this year’s focus has been on implementing the Numicon math strategies. In English we have been using the Super Hands programme that improves fine motor skill and in turn improves handwriting.

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Pupil Premium, Awards & Grants

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