Research & Collaborations

In order to stay at the cutting edge of practice, our school has always embraced opportunities to engage with internal and external research projects.

We are committed to developing innovative approaches that place pupils at the centre of our research and draw on the expertise of our in-house practitioners and partners from the academic community.  Since its inception, Three Ways School has established strong working relationships with Universities and Colleges and firmly believes in disseminating as well as developing our knowledge base through student partnership and placement schemes.

At present, forthcoming projects include PHD research into outdoor learning approaches for pupils on the Autistic Spectrum, Doctoral research into the ‘Orchestra Project’, explorative programming and electronics workshops based on the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths) curriculum, Masters level research into ‘Food and Attachment’, a collaborative project into the use of electronic textiles and a pilot project investigating mindfulness and stress regulation through bio-feedback data. 

Bath Spa – Sensory Textiles Project
This project saw a collaboration between Three Ways and Bath Spa textile students under the direction of Lucy Knibb which culminated in an installation in the Sensory Studio with support from dotLib.

Smart Lab and Creative Partnership Schools
Three Ways School worked alongside Professor Lisbeth Goodman to develop the role of technology in inspiring creativity amongst pupils and staff

MUSE/ Open Up Music -
Three Ways worked with Barry Farrimond and Doug Bott of the “MUSE” project and lately “Open Up Music” for a few years running

Bournemouth University
In 2012 Three Ways hosted a placement student, Asha Blatherwick, from the ‘Music and Audio Technology’ course at Bournemouth for a year

Egg Theatre Bath - This is Me Project
The This is Me project was a collaborative project between Three Ways School Primary department and The Egg Theatre

Digital Storytelling Keir Williams
As part of SMARTLab and Three Ways creative partnership programs the researcher was asked to participate in a ‘Digital Story Telling’ project at Three Ways school and another local mainstream primary

Queen Mary University London - Group Accessible Music Technologies PHD Dave Meckin
The project was a collaboration between three organisations: Queen Mary, University of London, SMARTLab and Three Ways School.

Cardiff Metropolitan University/Cariad
The school worked in collaboration with Barry Farimond, Dr Wendy Keay-Bright and Cariad at Cardiff Metropolitan University to develop accessible interactive programmes for pupils with sensory and physical impairments.

Creative Arts Project Days
We have built an excellent working relationship with June Bianchi and her PGCE students and undergraduate BEd students through action-based research projects and themed arts days.

dotLib –
Luke Woodbury , director of dotLib, has a long running relationship with Three Ways, having initially been engaged to develop the Sensory Studio in 2010.

Bath Spa University – Textural Art Installation
Over this collaboration Three Ways worked with Creative Arts students at Bath Spa to create an art installation in the sensory studio under Lucy Knibb’s direction.

Spark Arts Leicester/De Montfort University/dotLib - Pop Up Play
This project was funded by the Digital R&D Fund for the Arts (a partnership between Nesta, Arts Council England and the Arts and Humanities Research Council).

Bournemouth University - 3D Printing and Design
We have been given the chance to test some new software from Bournemouth University

Open Up Orchestra
This year Three Ways School has re-launched their orchestra project!
A selection of pupils have been chosen to participate in the orchestra for the entire year and develop their musical abilities.

Play Scheme
Alma Foster this year undertakes the new role of Play Coordinator. As part of the school improvement plan 2018-2019,

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