Open Up Orchestra

This year Three Ways School has re-launched their orchestra project! A selection of pupils have been chosen to participate in the orchestra for the entire year and develop their musical abilities.
So far the orchestra has been in it's exploratory stage. The pupils have been attending 1 at a time with Mike Moast - our visiting music practitioner, and Lizzie Passingham - a 6th form teacher and orchestra deliverer, to explore a selection of instruments and find out which ones suit them.
During term two Mike and Lizzie have encouraged pupil's towards one or two preferred instruments and started to work on the skills louder and quieter and faster and slower. Some pupil's have begun to play short tunes on their desired instruments and one pupil has had great fun jamming with Mike on the drums or guitar to a variety of different popular songs.
Towards the end of term 2 most of the pupils have been put into pairs to begin to explore working collaboratively. Term 3 will continue to develop this skill as well as starting to focus on one piece of music - Beethoven's 7th symphony.


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