Staff Contributions to Educational Publications

Liz Henderson - Senior Speech and Language Therapist

The Routledge Companion to Severe, Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties

Chapter 14 'Ups and Downs - How Learners with SLD / PMLD view their schools experience'
Henderson et al
This chapter enables the powerful voice of learners with SLD / PMLD to be heard through interviews with students. The authors suggest that the perspectives of learners be considered when setting learning challenges, and that more time should be taken to discover what students really feel about school. 
Chapter 29 'Literature and Stories in the Lives of Learners with SLD / PMLD'
Grove, Harwood, Henderson, Park & Bird
This chapter addresses the importance of literature and stories for all young people, despite the barriers to learning that pre-verbal or early communicators face. It explores approaches to meaningful use of classic and modern literature in the curriculum and ways in which personal narratives can be recounted by learners with SLD / PMLD.

Ben Edwards - Assistant Head Teacher 

Creative Islands

Recounting a sensory journey of discovery alongside a group of KS3 pupils with additional social and emotional needs.


Rachel Lacey - Teaching Assistant


The Boy in the Bed

Tales from direct work carried out through play based approaches in India.


Adrian Snell, Music Therapist & Arts Therapy Consultant/Lucy Heaton class teacher & THRIVE practitioner
Welcome to my world: The role of music within an arts rich, therapeutic curriculum
A conference paper given at the International Research in Music Education Conference, Bath Spa University, Spring 2017.
Based on their ongoing collaboration where therapist and teacher facilitate a multi-arts, sensory environment, the paper discusses the role of music as pupils explore emotions within the context of their own lives and those of their peers.

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