SEN Specialist School Status

Since the amalgamation and move to our new school site in September 2007 the school has been working to develop learning opportunities to stimulate and develop the senses of pupils with specific or multi-sensory needs.  We have done a lot of fundraising to really develop our Sensory Studio, a state of the art computerised environment equipped with a wide range of visual, tactile, auditory, kinaesthetic and olfactory equipment and materials.  The Sensory Studio is an interactive environment that is constantly being developed with the advances of technology.

The school has appointed an interactive designer who works with staff to develop new learning opportunities and to provide specialist training. 

As more staff have become experienced and trained to use multi-sensory approaches to learning it has been found to be of immense benefit to the learning of many of our pupils with a range of learning difficulties and not just those with specific sensory needs. 

Multi-sensory stimulation is the foundation of early learning experiences relating teaching to meaningful sensory experiences which allows learning to be more active and consolidated.  As a result all staff have developed a way of integrating appropriate sensory experiences for all pupils into their teaching across the whole curriculum and across the school.

In September 2009 the school was awarded Specialist SEN School Status for Physical and Sensory Development.  Since gaining the status the school has really built on their areas of strength, improving standards within English, Mathematics and Personal Health and Social Education.  New approaches and resources are helping to develop teaching and learning that will enhance the whole school curriculum and raise standards of achievement of our pupils.

Specialist Status also involves the school working with the local community to support the development of facilities and opportunities for children with special needs.


What have we achieved since September 2009 and being awarded the status?

  • Appointment of an interactive designer for the Sensory Studio
  • Teacher and Higher Level Teaching Assistant working across the school as part of the Curriculum Access Team
  • Training and staff expertise developing
  • Increased opportunity in inclusive sports
  • Increased physical activity across the school for pupils and staff
  • Increased mobility for some pupils – following the MOVE programme
  • The purchase of new equipment and resources to enhance teaching and learning
  • Purchase of PE and Sensory integration equipment
  • Working with an Occupational Therapist to develop sensory integration
  • Develop our multi-sensory work through whole school training, new resources, increased learning access and opportunities and research opportunities
  • In the community we have developed links with a number of schools and different organisations.  We have provided support, shared training and outreach opportunities

The school has funded the ramp and disabled toilet facility at the Glasshouse Playing Field.  An excellent resource for not only Three Ways to access but also people in the community with mobility issues.

The Status is already having an impact on the improvement of standards and achievement across the school and within the community.

We have a lot of plans for the future development of the school using the additional funding provided by being awarded this Status.    

SEN Specialist School Status SEN Specialist School Status

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