Speech and Language Therapy

Three Ways school is committed to providing an appropriate, responsive and multi modal communication environment for each pupil, in order to ensure curriculum access and enhance their learning potential.

The school has an integrated Speech and Language Therapy service, which works alongside teachers, teaching assistants, parents and a range of other professionals to support the communication, speech and language skills of pupils & students in every class. 


This is achieved through a wide range of means including:

• team working with teachers and classroom staff

• specific therapy groups

• individual therapy (usually alongside a member of the pupil’s class team)

• training

• advice to staff

• liaison with parents

• inter-disciplinary working with other therapists

• implementation of specialist strategies and methods across the school (as appropriate) that provide on-going communication support within classrooms (eg: Sherborne Developmental Movement, Canaan Barrie signing, Tac Pac ™, Sing and Swing, Three ways Music & Movement, Makaton™ Language Programme, Derbyshire Language Programme, PECS)


Three Ways school strives to be a total communication environment.  We use appropriate combinations of speech, Makaton™ signing, symbols, pictures, objects and sensory cues in order to increase pupils’ understanding and use of language.


Our Therapists also deliver a comprehensive service to pupils (and their families) who experience difficulties with eating, drinking and swallowing.


Our team members are:

Elizabeth Henderson Speech & Language Therapy Team Manager & PMLD Consultant

Jo Derkin Speech and Language Therapy (Sirona NHS Care & Health)

Emily Preston Speech and Language Therapist (Sirona NHS Care & Health)

Catie Barnes Speech and Language Therapist (Sirona NHS Care & Health)

Speech and Language Therapy

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