Work Experience

At Three Ways School we take a personalised approach to work experience. Within the Key Stage 4 department and the Sixth Form we explore a wide range of internal and external placements.  Many of our pupils build their confidence working with our school Site Manager, supporting Primary classes and exploring local work experience by taking part in supported work place visits. Work experience has proven to be a great addition to the growth of the pupil’s self-esteem, confidence and maturity.
As a school we feel it is essential to give the pupils the best opportunities to succeed in employment or voluntary work when they leave Three Ways. In a work environment pupils are  involved in a different set of skills and challenges and build a range of practical and communication strategies. 
We have had many successful placements in and around Bath thanks to the continued support of local employers such as McDonalds, St Martins Garden Primary School, Bath Area Play Project, Bath Opportunity Pre-School and Tom Baker Cricket.  Bath Rugby Foundation has also been a constant support to our pupils in school and with work placements. We are currently developing new links with Keynsham Leisure Centre.

We are always looking to broaden the range of employment experiences we can offer our pupils. If you are interested in supporting work experience at Three Ways, or visiting the school to talk about your profession, please contact the school.

Internal Placements
Many of our pupils start their Work Experience journey by completing placements within the school building. This really helps to build their confidence before they move onto an external placement.

External Placements
When pupils are ready to move onto placements outside of the school...

Case Study - The Benefit of Work Experience for Pupils with Learning Difficulties
We have been looking at a student with learning difficulties.
This student has mild mobility issues stemming from dyspraxia, he also has hypotonia (low muscle tone) and balance problems.

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