Internal Placements

Many of our pupils start their Work Experience journey by completing placements within the school building. This really helps to build their confidence before they move onto an external placement.

We provide internal placements within the School Kitchen, working alongside the Site Manager undertaking maintenance around the building, in the School Office and placements in the Primary Department Classes.

The pupils are asked to behave like a member of staff at all times during these placements and the expectation is always high. This learning journey is important for some of our pupils as they gain in confidence and head towards a successful External Placement.

Kitchen manager: “We love having the pupils for Work Experience.  They work hard and it is really nice to see how they grow and mature over the time”

Pupil: “I really liked it in Primary Class and I think I am ready to go outside school for my next placement”

These internal placements have been incredibly helpful for our pupils as they move at their own pace gaining in skills and confidence in order to complete their work experience journey.

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